Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Formula for Writing: Verbs Control the Stage

  • Choose to use verbs with impact, description, and consolidation. Apply forceful verbs to forceful events, flaky verbs to flaky events. Connotations, the verbs side kick, provide more description than the simple action. Each action contains one verb that could stand by itself to describe the event: find it.
  • When singling out the verbs in a paragraph the idea should be understood (just not who).
  • Emphasize verbs: these hinges of the sentence determine more than the actino of the sentence. Each sets a tone and rythm for the reader.

Original Sentence: "In 1866, government action was equipped with scientific knowledge that provided results."

Analysis: "was equipped" is a passive phrase, which forgets to tell the reader "who" did the equipping. Instead of making a statement, the phrase states a rhetorical question.

Refined Sentence: "In 1866, government equips its actions with science and the two provide results."

Outcome: The sentence no longer leaves questions open regarding how events happened. The refined sentence removes "Government action," and now we know "government equips the actions"

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