Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Bridge

“We were getting close to a mine,” being a kid, I had no idea what that meant. “The ship rolled on waves whose peaks put the mine at deck level. “

“What’s a mine?”

He pressed his thumb to his forefinger, measuring off three and a half inches as he did when we were fishing, “It was a ball of steel with spikes sticking out. When those spikes hit something it blew up. It was too close on us for big guns, and everyone was getting tense.”

“Winslett! Get your gun and get up on the bridge! I ran up there, as the mine slid closer to the hull. I aimed at the spikes,” he held his finger up again. His long nails gave his finger an extra inch.

“I got my 30-06; ran up to the top. Aimed down at the mine with my iron sights. The target was bouncing on the ocean. I missed it the first shot, reloaded and WHOOOM! Ocean water shot all over the deck.”

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